Global Corporate Crisis Management Lab.

Corporate crisis, accident & incident, risks and predicaments in overseas business, GCCMLAB specialists are here to help.

Verification of company assets & reputation, permit & license, etc. of investment partners, GCCMLAB provides customized information services for your successful offshore business.

What We Do

Offshore Company Investment Consulting

For companies and investors seeking overseas investment opportunities but with difficulties and limited information and/or cultural differences, GCCMLAB provides pre-dispatch training of personnel, background checks and legal risk hedging of business partners for a successful business launch with minimal trial-and-error.

Fact Finding & Digital Forensics

GCCMLAB has experienced specialists in the investigation field who can assist in managing intra-corporate disputes and property related irregularities in a timely manner. Through cooperation with digital forensic specialists, we help customers with sufficient and legally permissive evidence to be used effectively for future legal proceedings

Safety Incident Response

In cases of crime incidents, traffic accidents, and safety mishaps, GCCMLAB helps to effectively respond so that further damages are prevented and assistance to the victim and family are well-rendered. We provide professional investigative services to establish the conclusive facts which caused the event to be used for damage compensation (such as insurance claims).

Who We Are  

Multi-Disciplinary Expert Group

The auditing and due diligence of a company can prove difficult in the hands of untested and inexperienced people. GCCMLAB consists of highly experienced specialists from various areas of government services such as law enforcement, foreign affairs, customs, maritime affairs, as well as lawyers and crisis management experts. Our specialists, with decades of field experience in their areas of expertise, provide the best available solutions to our customers in times of corporate crisis.

Extensive Overseas Network

As the unique pioneering company in South Korea specializing in Overseas Corporate Crisis Management, GCCMLAB is proud to have an extensive network not only domestically but also in other countries with active investments in South Korean companies, such as USA, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Top-notch Business Ethics

Customer confidence and societal contribution are both core values of GCCMLAB. Most associates have served as high-ranking government officials, and we would like to provide customers with highly reliable and outstanding service based on ethics and business integrity.